Monument to the most important places, permanent public artwork in Bollstabruk, Kramfors, Sweden

Geumgang Nature Art Biennal, South Korea (participating with my video Micro continents)

Konstfrämjandet, Karlstad (moved to 2021)


Solo Exhibitions 

2020                    Art Consults in Västerbotten; 3 video works

2019                    Gallery Alva, Umeå, solo exhibition
2018                    Konstfrämjandet, Umeå; Design without a client, with artist group AV4
2018                    Konstfrämjandet, Umeå; Entrepreneurial urban planning, performance with AV4
2017                    Ersboda Folkets hus, Umeå; Art talk about the project 50 m2
2011                    Ersboda Folkets Hus, Umeå, solo exhibition
2009                    Umeå City Library, art gallery, solo exhibition
2009                    Gallery Alva / Hospital Library; University Hospital, Umeå

Group exhibitions

2019                    The British Academy, London, UK

2018                    Gallery KiKa, Karlstad

2017                    Craft Design Hall, Taiwan; Internat. Biennial of Paper and Fiber Art

2016                    Transition Gallery, Idaho State University, USA. Curator: Basia Ireland; Water Ecology
2016                    Beaney House of Art and Knowledge, Canterbury, UK; Prescriptions
2016                    Petofi Literary Museum, Budapest, Hungary; Environmental Project
2015                    MAMU Gallery, Budapest, Hungary; Library Thoughts
2014                    Nordic House, Reykjavik, Iceland, with the artist group Context

2014                    Doverodde Book Arts Center, Denmark, with the artist group Context
2013                    Silkeborg Kunsthall, Silkeborg, Denmark, with the artist group Context
2013                    Katuaq Culture Center, Nuuk, Greenland, with the artist group Context
2012                    Skellefteå Konsthall, Skellefteå

2010                    Langska house, Visby, with the artist group Context
2010                    Umeå University Library; Umeå, with the artist group Context
2010                    Nordic House, Reykjavik, Iceland, with the artist group Context
2009                    Kulturspinderiet, Silkeborg, Denmark, with the artist group Context

2008                    Rackstad Museum, Arvika, Come home



In collections
University Library of Kent; Special Collection, UK
Hungarian Multicultural Center, Budapest, Hungary
Örebro County Council

Umeå municipal

Västerbotten County Council


Public art / projects
2020                     Monument of the most important places, permanent public art in Bollstabruk,

                             Kramfors, Sweden

2018                     The only building that (actually) is visible and audible from space,                                                           

                             Umeå University Hospital, semi permanent/temporary public art
2017                     50 m2; social art project in the district Ersboda, Umeå 
2016                     Where are we going now? Land art project before the exhibition Water Ecology, Idaho
2011                     Akademibokhandeln / Åkerblom's bookstore; indoor installation, Umeå
2009                     Skeppsviks Herrgård; Land art, Umeå
2008                     Quranten AB; indoor installation, Umeå
2004                     Nora municipality; sculpture group
2004                     Operaplan, Umeå; Ice sculpture project (with Antti Savela)
2000                     Umeå University Hospital, Inst. for pediatrics, indoor installation
2000                     Umeå University Hospital, Skin Clinic, indoor installation


Grants and scholarships
2019                     Swedish Arts Grants Committe; Working grant

2018                     KC Nord; Project funds
2017                     Swedish Arts Grants Committe; Travel grant, Japan
2017                     KC Nord; Project funds
2007                     Västerbotten County Council, EU funds
2006                     KC Nord; Project funds
2005                     Västerbotten County Council, EU funds


2019 -                   KRO (The Swedish Artists’ Organization) Västerbotten, board member

2019 -                   Umeå School of Arts; supervising teacher
2017 -                   AV4 artists group
2009                     The County Council Västerbotten; Art project Tobacco children
2006 - 2008          KRO Västerbotten; Board member
2006                     Culture House Stockholm / Book in the Bookstore
2006                     Malmö Konsthall / Book in the bookstore
2004                     Grafikens Hus, Mariefred, book in the bookstore
2001 - 2003          The Gallery Verkligheten, Umeå; coworker