50 m2

50 m2 

Social work of art in a public cultivation area in Umeå.

Artist talks in Umeå and Gothenburg in 2017. Pre-work for my solo exhibition "Weeds" in 2019.

In 2016, I got an opportunity to rent a cultivation plot in a municipal cultivation area in the district Ersboda in Umeå. Cultivation in this area is for many a matter of expanding the household cash and make life work. But it is also a social interaction that builds its very own community.

When the tool shed burned down in early April, there was never any question if the municipality could help to replace the fifty growers' wheelbarrows and grabs. At the same time, millions were invested in the park in the city center. The hierarchies were shown very clear.

Weeds grew on my plot and when summer turned into autumn, I made paper from the weeds. I used the papers for a book. A book with all the conversations with the members of the community.

Tools shed 1

Tool shed 2

50 m2